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Shoprite SASSA Loans | Complete Guide To Apply Online 

As SASSA is going more digital day by day partnering with various other private companies in South Africa. For your information, SASSA officially doesn’t have any loan system as it is specifically a grant provider agency.

As many people know SASSA grant money can be stored in the Shoprite Digital App. This means the beneficiary can directly spend his/her money through the Shoprite app to buy groceries.

Shoprite as a private company is also aware that its users use grant money through the Shoprite app or store their SASSA money in the Shoprite app. Looking to this as an opportunity, Shoprite has launched Shoprite SASSA Loans schemes for such people.

SASSA doesn’t claim any such loan, this is an independent agreement between the loan receiver and loan giver in which SASSA doesn’t have to do anything. Also note that in case of any loss, SASSA will not be responsible for this.

How Shoprite SASSA Loan Works

Let’s see how a ShopRite loan works; when a person is an SASSA beneficiary, but at the end of the month he/she is out of money and needs emergency money. In this case, he/she can get some money from Shoprite using their app.

In this, Shoprite and the loan taker sign an agreement that whenever the next SASSA payment is disbursed, Shoprite is legally permitted to deduct the money that it has given to you in the form of a loan.

When SASSA releases your money in the Shoprite App, Shoprite instantly deducts its money with applied interest. The ShopRite loans are exactly the same as Capitec SASSA loans.

How to Apply for a Shoprite Loan

As this loan type isn’t that big much for which you’ve to provide proper documentation of the agreement and all that. All the SASSA credentials you use in the app for receiving your SASSA payment are enough for the loan from Shoprite.

Yes, it is much easier, when your money goes down to a limit the Shoprite app offers you the loan money at that point. For this, you only have to go through some clicks only and your loan will be handed over to you in your app account.

Precautions While Applying for a Loan from Shoprite

Following are some precautionary measures you should be following when heading towards the loan.

  • Carefully read the app name ShopRite with the reddish logo when downloading from the Play Store. Specially spellings, read spellings carefully if you see any app with little spelling mistakes or additions like ShopRite OR ShopRight, don’t download it.
  • Never partner with those digital applications that ask you to first give them money. 
  • Before you take ShopRite or any loan, make sure that you’re paying interest on that loan amount at the end.
  • As ShopRite deducts its own money automatically, but failure to pay the loan by changing the banking details can get you in trouble.
  • Be careful of other scams.


What is the ShopRite SASSA Loan WhatsApp number?
You can save this number +27600123456 on your smartphone and refresh your WhatsApp contacts list to get more information regarding ShopRite loans.

Should I get a ShopRite SASSA loan?
It completely depends on your needs, according to our knowledge and experience with SASSA, relying solely on your SASSA payments is a good practice because when you get a loan you pay interest on it which can stop you from getting a financially stable person in the long run. Only get the loan when you’re extremely in need of it, like you need to get to the doctor, or you’re stuck somewhere or faced an accident.

Does SASSA have tie-ups with SopRite?
SASSA is a stand-alone agency for financial grants, so there isn’t any official statement that proves the tie-ups of SASSA with SopRite.

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