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Net1 SASSA Loans | Complete Guide

Before you dig deep into Net1 SASSA loans, I want you to make sure that SASSA doesn’t offer any service that includes giving loans to South African citizens.

Yet there are many other private companies to which you can sign an agreement on the basis of some prerequisites to get loan money.

Net1 also known as Moneline Is an authentic and very popular private finance company in South Africa that has small loan plans specifically for SASSA beneficiaries.

Please note that your deal as a SASSA beneficiary with net1 company in getting the loan and getting any type of inconvenience or loss, the SASSA will not be responsible for this. You can get a loan from Net1 on your responsibility.

Net1 SASSA Loan Pre-Requisites 

There are certain conditions or requirements that must be fulfilled by a SASSA beneficiary in order to successfully get a loan from Net1 company. See the following requirements and fulfill all these if you want a loan from Net1 safe and sound.

  • You must be a continued SASSA beneficiary with a history of at least 3-6 months of receiving SASSA grants.
  • Net1 provides loan payments through the EasyPay application, so you must be an EasyPay member by downloading the EP digital app and signing up.
  • You should have your South African ID card with you.
  • Proof of residential address with authorized documentation, please note your residential address’ history will be important (you must be living at the place for 3 months or older).
  • You must be a green card holder to get an SASSA Net1 loan.

Net1 SASSA Loan Application Guide

To get a Net1 loan is really simple as you get Capitec loan or Shoprite loan. Before you proceed toward applying for SASSA et1 loan, make sure that your SASSA card should be in working condition, because some companies like Net1 require your card to be active and in working condition.

  • First, make an EasyPay Everywhere account with Grindrod Bank, you can do all this on their digital app.
  • After this, you’ve to provide the important details of your SASSA application and your SASSA funds will be shown on your app interface.
  • You can see the button apply for a loan in your app, simply tap on it, proceed further, and provide all the information required from you.

In case you fail to repay the Net1 loan payment on time, the Net1 is eligible to deduct their loan payment from your SASSA funds to which they’ve got access through digital app.

Precautions While Getting Net1 Sassa Loan

Following are some precautions you should be keeping in mind when you’re applying for Net1 loan.

precautions for net1 sassa loans
precautionary measure for net1 sassa loans
  1. You must be aware that the Net1 loan payment isn’t from the SASSA treasure, this loan will be totally from Net1 company.
  2. You’ve to repay the loan copayment within the next 5 or 6 months of lending.
  3. Net1 is charging interest rates on your loan payment, so try to give back the payment as soon as possible.
  4. Carefully read the terms and conditions by Net1 related to loans before you actually proceed toward getting loan payments from Net1.
  5. Try to get the loan of small amounts that you can repay easily without getting heavy on your pocket,
  6. Avoid taking multiple loan payments from Net1 or any loan company.
  7. Try to take reviews from other people who have taken such loans.
  8. Net1 is legally eligible to deduct its loan payment from your SASSA monthly payments.
  9. Be aware, that as such facilities are rising, scams in the name of SASSA also rising in the the country.

Important: we don’t recommend any loan from any company in South Africa, nor do we promote any company in this regard. All the information provided above is truly for educational purposes. If you want to get such loans for yourself, take in on your own responsibility.

Final Thoughts

Yet choosing a private finance company that offers SASSA beneficiaries loans is a good option when you’re totally out of money and need urgent money to fulfill your needs. We highly recommend using such loans only when you truly need them in urgency, try to not use such loans without any solid reason.

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