Transfer Money from SASSA Card to Capitec

Transfer Money from SASSA Card to Capitec

Transferring money from your SASSA card to Capitec is a simple process that will be going to take just 1-2 minutes of your attention. To proceed with the money transfer to Capitech you need to fill up the form banking detail form by SASSA.

Remember that it’s a payment change process that will let you receive your grant money in your capital account. The biggest benefit of this is, that you will not have to use the traditional way of receiving grant money by going to the post office.

Also keep in mind as Capitec is a third party between you and SASSA, service charges, terms, and conditions may apply. If you want to know the cost-effective ways and payment methods of SASSA, check all SASSA payment methods.

Compulsory Requirements to Transfer your money from SASSA Card to Capitec

These requirements are a must-do thing you should be having for the purpose.

  • Your SASSA card must be active
  • Active Capitec account.
  • Capitec Branch Code.
  • Capitec Account number.

How to Transfer Money from SASSA Card to a Capitec Account

Transferring your money will follow the same procedure no matter for which SASSA grant type you are performing this. Follow these steps as it is.

steps to transfer money from sassa card to capitec
steps to transfer money from card to capitec
  • Clear your browser caching for a better experience.
  • Visit the official SASSA website and open the change banking details page.
  • Open the banking details form and fill it correctly keeping in mind that it is case sensitive, so don’t make any mistake while filling the form.
  • Within the process, you will be asked for your registered South African phone number and your South African national ID card number.
  • Then you will receive a special 6-digit OTP code on your phone, then verify by clicking the verify button.
  • Make sure you provide 100% correct all your Capitec account details.
  • Finally, click on the submit button, it will generate a request to transfer your money to Capitec from your SASSA card.


Make sure you provide all details like phone number and account number, which should be registered in your own name.


Will sending my money to Capitec from SASSA affect the amount of money?
No, it will not affect the amount of your money, but remember terms and conditions may apply for Capitec.

Can I transfer money from my SASSA card to someone else’s Capitec account?
No, it’s not possible to send money from someone else’s account. SASSA will only transfer funds to your own account verifying your registered phone number and national ID card number.

Is it compulsory to open an account with Capitecor that Capitec will make on my behalf before transferring money?
It is compulsory to have a working and active Capitec as well as the SASSA account and card before transferring money, Capitec will not make an account on your behalf while this process.

How much money can i transfer between these accounts?
There is not limit of money transfer, you can transfer as much as you can keeping in mind the SASSA account threshold.

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